Tree Removal

Tree Removal

An important aspect of tree care is the removal of trees. Of course, it should always be looked at whether a tree can still be saved. However, there are also decisive reasons why a tree must be felled. This is especially always the case when the tree is a danger to people, buildings or utility lines. But when and how does a tree actually become a hazard?

First of all, trees become unstable with age. Some trees can become ancient, others not. Therefore, the timing is different for every tree. But there comes a time for every tree when it begins to rot and individual branches break off. Even smaller branches can cause serious damage. During storms, the tree is now a real danger.Large branches can break off, the tree can break apart or even fall over. This can cause serious damage to buildings and there is danger to life.

But not only age weakens a tree. Too late detected pest infestation or too late detected diseases can also damage a tree to such an extent that it can no longer be saved. Here, there is not only the danger from breaking branches, but also from pests or diseases jumping over to the healthy trees.

These are all dangers that you can prevent by taking timely precautions. Our trained and certified arborists can quickly tell if a tree is healthy or not. Simply make an appointment with us. One of our arborists will then closely inspect your trees and perform various tests. He will then discuss the results and the necessary measures with you.

​But there are other reasons to cut down a tree. For example, if it threatens to damage utility lines. Or if it has grown too large for its original location and now threatens to damage a building with its branches. It can also be that the tree crown has grown too large and that one side of a house is now constantly in the shade. Thus, it is always damp and mold growth is favored.

In addition, trees can also damage each other. This is the case when they are too close together. So none of the trees gets enough light and nutrients. Our arborists look carefully at which tree should be left standing and which should be removed.

Another consideration is when trees have to make way for new construction.

At Tree Service Perry, we believe that trees are worth preserving. Not only do they provide a strong recreational value as parks, forests or in our gardens, they are also a necessary source of oxygen. Therefore, it should first be carefully considered whether it is necessary to cut down a tree or whether simple measures can restore its health.

if it is inevitable that the tree must be cut down, then you are exactly right at Tree Service Perry. We have not only highly trained staff, many years of experience, but also the necessary machinery.

Please never try to cut down a tree yourself, if you do not have the necessary training. Many people have already been seriously injured or lost their lives trying to cut down the tree themselves. To make sure you are always on the safe side, we have a 24/7 emergency service.

This way, we can always intervene quickly and prevent the worst from happening.

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